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The E-Stopp Brake

The E-Stopp push-button emergency brake is the perfect addition to your resto-mod, hot rod, classic car or truck project. Its robust design, powerful performance and simple operation make it the best emergency brake replacement on the market; just ask the National Street Rod Association who chose it as their New Safety Product of the Year or any of our thousands of satisfied customers.


The E-Stopp is easy to install and can be mounted virtually anywhere from the chassis to the trunk. Because it is operated by a simple button, installing an E-Stopp means no more pedals or levers taking up space in your cab so you can keep everything in your ride simple, clean and efficient.


Whether it's built at a shop or in the comfort of your own garage, adding an E-Stopp will bring an extra touch of class and safety to your ride.

Micro-Computer Controlled

The system is controlled by a micro computer that regulates the amount of pull. The E-Stopp will only pull up to 600 pounds before it locks down on itself. The button has a detachable head for easy install and feautres both visual and audible recognition. Also included is our patented ignition safety feature that renders the brake inoperable while the ignition is on. Furthermore, we recently added another ground sync wire that can be hooked up to your parking symbol light on your dash board.

Anti-Theft Potential

The E-Stopp can be used as a theft deterrent by either hiding the button under the dash or in the glove compartment or by installing a kill switch. Basically, if someone doesn't know how to unlock your rear end, they will have a difficult time stealing your vehicle.​

With constant horror stories of custom vehicles being stolen during car shows, any extra defense is a necessity.  So, why not have that extra peace of mind built right into a functional part of your vehicle?

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24" Length Overall (including cable)

15" not including cable

2" Width (allow for approx. 3 1/4" of space when mounting

1.8" Height

9" Brake Cable

Cable Threads 6mm x 1 pitch and 10mm x 1.5 pitch

Control Box:​

5.25" Length

3" Width

1.5" Height

​22mm Billet Button w/ Red LED


  • 1 - Actuator with rugged metal casing​

  • 1 - 12v Control box with button or key lock switch

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